Savae 10ML-II Conversions

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Savage 10ML-II Upgrade

Great way to take your 10ML-II performance to the next level.   Tired of inconsistent grouping and a junk barrel that shreds sabots?  This will solve all of that.

Available Packages:

Savage 10ML-II Rebarrel - $725 + S&H

Available Upgrades

Savage 10ML-II Turnkey Upgrade - $1350 + S&H

Available Upgrades Suggest Accessories

Savage 10ML-II Rebarreled with 25" Brux 45cal Barrel.  Factory stock, pillar beded with 3rd Pillar.  Murphy SS scope base.

Close up view of 3rd pillar.  Rear action screw becomes only bolt release screw.   No longer worry about loosing zero when pulling the bolt!  No tools required to remove the bolt.  

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