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Jeff H with his Spring 2016 Muskox Ulukhaktok NWT located on Victoria Island.  Savage 10ML-II and Brux Barrel. 
Luke (not this Luke) with his 2015 and 2013 Southern IL whitetails.   Taken with his Rem Pac-Nor conversion and the 275MH.   A couple of great bucks that look like they might related. 
2016 Whitetail2013 whitetail

More brother action.   Southern IL whitetails taken with Remington Pac-Nor conversions
Ronnie Henson. Dec 2015. Northwest Iowa.
150-3/8. 350 lbs. Killed with Remington Smokeless Muzzleloader with conversion kit purchased from Luke. Double Lunged at 185 yards with Barnes 195 grain expander. 

IA Whitetail

Dec. 2015, Donnie Henson Twin Brother of Ronnie Henson, with a nice Northwest Iowa 10 pointer. Scored 133 inches. Double lunged at 175 yards with smokeless Savage conversion purchased from Luke
IA Whitetail

Dec 2014 Iowa  - Sibling Rivalry - Two brothers scored two awesome Iowa White Tails.   #1 - 172.5" was harvested at 340 yards.  #2 - 179" was harvested at 320 yards!   Both were taken with the 310APB. 
IA Whitetail
IA Whitetail

Oct 2014 - Bobby connected on this awesome NM bull elk at 238 yards using the 310APB with BH209.  

Bull Elk

Oct 2014 - Jeremy connected on this impressive CO mule deer using the 310 APB with BH209.   The 250 yard shot was pretty impressive, epecially consdering he was using open sights!

Mule Deer

Oct 2014 - First blood for Pete from NJ's smokeless MZ. Using a 200gr XTP, he shows us you can keep it simple and still get the job done!

white tail

Sept 2014 - Chad from NE scored a nice Nebraska antelope using his smokeless MZ.   The 51 yard shart wasn't quite the 400 yard shot he'd practiced for with Parker 300MH's, but he got a great trophy! 


October 2013 - Wyoming Elk taken by yours truly.  200 yard hear/lung shot with the 310APB crushed him!   Only went 20 yards before piling up for good.

2013 WY Elk

2013 WY Elk

A couple of nice Midwest Whitetails taken with the 310APB

9/14/13 An Alaskan customer has been racking up the trophies with his 700ML Pac-Nor conversion.   This trophy caribou was taken at 302 yards with the 195grain Barnes Expander.   Complete pass through on a quartering away shot through the off shoulder!

Customer's 2012 sheep also shown below! 
AK CaribouAK Sheep

9/14/13 Second Annual Southern IL Smokeless MZ Shoot was a huge success.   

2012MZ Buck

12/28/12 Yours Truly scored on a nice 10pt Iowa Whitetail.  Scored 151 1/2".  125 yard double lung shot using Parker 275 Match Hunter out of a Remington 700ML Conversion with Pac-Nor Barrel. 
2012MZ Buck

09/30/12 A fine batch of smokeless muzzle loaders was on display in Southern Illinois for a pre-deer season sight-in.  
9 Smokeless Muzze Loaders

09/15/12 Zen with this beautiful NW Nebraska Antelope.  Taken with his 45 Pac-Nor shooting the Parker 275 Ballistic Extreme sabotless.  Shot was 195 yards.  Way to go Zen!

Zen's Antelope 

09/01/12 Chris continues to hammer the IL  squirrel population.  The 200gr SST riding in a Harvester Smooth Blue sabot pushed by 30gr of N110 makes for a lethal combination on the tree rats.  At a MV of 2150FPS it makes for an excellent youth deer load too with almost no recoil!
Chris' Squirrels

Chris reached out there for a 90 yard shot with his Remington 700ML sporting a 45 cal Pac-Nor


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