Arrowhead Breech Plug

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9/16-18 threaded rear seal 209 plug.  Fit for bushings and can be removed with a 7/16" socket. Made from 416 heat treated stainless steel.  

-The smaller diameter results in less barrel being removed.
-Rear seal isn’t prone to gas cutting
-Threaded for over 1.25”
-Smaller diameter than other plugs means less surface area for pressure to act on--which means, less force on plug.

IA Whitetail

Note these are machined with a very tight bushing and 209 primer pocket to allow end user to open for custom fit.  If you would like bushing installed or primer pocket opened up to a more generic fit.   Please specify in comment box when ordering.   Please allow a few extra days for processing.  
ASG036_ASG_PLUG 416HT Arrowhead Plug & 1 lock ring (purchase bushing below) - $55--
ASG034TC - 0.030 Tungsten Carbide Bushing--$31--
ASG035-Extra bushing lock ring --$1-- Quantity:      

Reference supplied instructions for correct drill size for drilling out flame channel.

ASG040-5/32 Drill Bit (for drilling out Savage BP's)--$3.5-- Quantity:      

ASG154-9/64 Drill Bit (for drilling out Arrowhead Plug)--$3-- Quantity:      

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